Dating a tumbling tumbling dickweed

As always, my thanks to Neuralmancer for allowing me to assume the mortgage on his farm.Eurytion Our story so far: In Chapter One: A New Project by Neuralmancer --- we meet Joey who lives on a human cattle ranch owned by his father.Linda Sue dispatches one adversary only to meet a more formidable foe.Despite the recovery of a missing item, Valerie loses her head.

We meet Al Crenshaw, owner of Crenshaw Superior Meats who has bought Joey's blue ribbon-winning cow.

We learn, to achieve "closure" his entire family has "to be there when they butcher her and then we have to help eat her." In Chapter Six: Evaluations and Judgments by Eurytion --- Linda Sue is sized up by a professional and given a passing grade. In Chapter Eight: A Fijian Feast by Eurytion --- Cow 701 pleases the judges while Linda Sue pleasures the cook.

Cow 701 passes a father's muster as does her owner. In Chapter Seven: At the Fair by Eurytion --- Cow 701 arrives at the fair. Billy learns the true meaning of finger licking good and a trip to the South Seas is contemplated.

In Chapter Twelve: The Plot Advances by Eurytion --- Joey suggests Terri and Linda Sue engage in a game of horse.

A sparkling new friendship is formed while an almost cow plots revenge.

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