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I will warn him about being the token black person among her white friends, which means that he might suddenly have to be an ambassador for all black people who have ever existed.62 years ago, a 14-year-old black boy walked into a store on a dare.

He was full of charisma and laughter, and he lost his life for it.

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So just as my mother did for us as children, I will tell my son the story of Emmet Till.

So when they appeared to all become friends earlier this year, it seemed like maybe all that Botox Lala’s been getting went to her brain and she realized that like, maybe that was pretty shitty and she should stick to, you know, single people. The reason we all think this pic is Lala and her married boyfriend is because, why would you cover his face if your relationship is a secret? If you stalk anyone even tangentially related to like I do, you would have recognized that the photo Lala posted was actually old, and she'd posted it before.

Well it appears that’s false because she posted a pic on Instagram where she's sitting on some guy's lap, kissing him, and covering his face with her hands. And if you're both two single, consenting adults, why would your relationship be a secret? I was able to find a very small, very janky version of it, just so you all know what we're working with here. ^Again, apologies for the shitty quality; now I know to screenshot EVERYTHING. He’s a film producer and married to Ambyr Childers. She’s an actress who looks vaguely familiar, so safe to say she probs played a girl who gets murdered on one time. Randall looks like he could be the dude in the photo, so my guess is he saw what Lala posted and told her to take that shit down immediately. Because that’s just too many coincidences in one weekend, okay?

Although my son is only 6 years old and light years away from dating anyone, I know that I will one day have to talk to him about dating and race.

While I am not opposed to him dating anyone who makes him happy, regardless of race, I will warn him that because he is a black man in America, there are real risks associated with him dating white women.

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