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This plate would be a very nice addition to any plate collection.Here we have a very nice plate made by Shancock & Sons, from Stoke on Trent of England.This is a beautiful floral design Teacup and Saucer, that is made in China.The light and darker pink flowers are the highlight of this gorgeous white pair.Here we have a Solid Sterling Silver, Mother's Day Plate, produced by the Franklin Mint, in 1973, and illustrated by Irene Spencer. The main color of both items is a very light greenish, enhanced by the blue, pink, and yellow floral arrangements on both teacup and saucer.The brims are both lined worth a satin gold finish,, as will as the handle.

Here we have a collection of 6 plates, based on the very popular fairytales, created by Kaiser of West Germany.

The saucer measures 5 3/8" in diameter, and the teacup is 3 5/16" in diameter from brim to handle tip, and is 2 1/8" in height.

This is a very elegant piece of work, that would enhance any collection.

This plate would make an excellent addition to any collection.

Once again here is "The World's Most Magnificent French Dolls on the Finest Porcelain Plates", by Mildred Seeley.

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