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The boundaries of a few Anglo-Saxon estates were described in the boundary clauses of Anglo-Saxon Charters.

These boundary clauses can sometimes be used to characterise the landscape at the time.

Boundaries- a real or imagined line that marks the limit of something.

Many field boundaries in the central region of England originated with the enclosure of the previous open fields in the 18th or 19th centuries.

If we lack personal boundaries, what can we expect of our sons and daughters? picks one winner after months of audition cuts and performances.

Help teens establish personal boundaries by encouraging them to respect their values and their bodies. Boundaries help our teens during their race towards maturity. We need to know ours and model them to our teenagers. He looks at me like I'm silly, but I believe God hears our prayers and He cares about every detail — including high school math.

Each week one or more contestants are sent home until the last two compete in the finale.

Shows like promote lies, betrayal and pain — not the life-long commitment of marriage. The goal of is to reach the destination and stay in the running. One mom keeps a "no rated R movie" standard even if the rated R movie is borrowed from dad's. Show your teens you value faith through your lifestyle. I tell my son Justin to pray during his algebra tests.

With separated or divorced parents, know your boundaries and keep them, even when they differ from your ex's. John Townsend wrote in his book, , "Good parenting means letting your teen move away from you spiritually while at the same time keeping her pointed toward a connection with her Heavenly Father." My friend allowed her teen the freedom to volunteer as a cameraman for the church service instead of attending youth group, which he didn't enjoy.

Parish boundaries are not shown on the modern "Landranger" maps.

Tithe maps, from the early 19th century, usually show the parish boundary at the time they were drawn.

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