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Wallace questioned this phenomenon, particularly as it occurred at the height of the black power movement in 1967.

“That same fall [after the 1967 Detroit riots] the streets of New York witnessed the grand coming-out of black male/white female couples. I was enough of a slave to white liberal fashions to believe that two people who wanted each other had a right to each other, but what was this all about?

Among a host of other topics, Wallace discussed the hypervisibility of black male/white female relationships in her hometown of Harlem.Maybe they don’t feel as connected.” Shannon Hintz, 19, a Madison native and the youngest woman I spoke to, noticed some of her Black male peers exclusively seek out a specific type of woman.She believes the dynamics of relationships in the city itself, as well as mainstream media stereotypes, play a role in who these men value for their dating options.“Men who grew up here go to school or were raised in communities that are predominantly white.Maybe they don’t feel as connected.” After a few years of dating in Madison, some Black women begin to feel undesired.

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