Dating jewellery cell dating

For example, a piece from Chanel’s 23 season would have a 2 and 3 on either side of the logo.Also, perhaps with a sense of newfound nationalism, the “Made in France” was returned to the bottom of the plate, where it had been initially.Also, for the first time pieces began to bear the interlocked “CC” logo, stamped between “Chanel” and “Made in France”.

Luckily, from the precious little branding present on each piece, the date marks, we can glean when in Chanel’s history a piece came from.Chanel’s rich history could be cataloged and measured in infinitely many varieties of units. While we can only speculate as to why, we know Chanel liked to consider her jewelry as a functional piece of her whole ensemble, so perhaps the lack of date marks was intended to make each piece of jewelry less of a stand-alone piece and more part of an entire outfit. Unfortunately, throughout the infancy of the Chanel brand, Coco Chanel would rarely put any markings at all on her pieces.In 1941, an American costume jewelry company, the Chanel Novelty Company, started producing costume jewelry with a script ‘Chanel’ stamped on each piece.This was during World War II, after Chanel had closed its doors, yet Chanel still protested the use of its name, suing the company.

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