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Alexander’s armies defeated every army for 13 years.While traveling back home through Babylon, Alexander died at the age of 33 in 323 BC.The Alexander coinage was principally used to pay soldiers, tribute (levies & taxes), and later protection money to the barbarians.

There were no specific nations and no specific country called Greece in the ancient world.

The coins minted under his name from 336 to 323 BC are referred to as lifetime issues and command a high price today.

Alexander’s Death After Alexander's death, the newly established Empire was divided up among Alexander’s generals and his family.

There were many kingdoms formed out this Alexandrian Empire but the three principal kingdoms were the Macedonian Kingdom, Seleucid Kingdom, and Ptolemy Kingdom.

The Macedonian Kingdom covered mainland Greece, the Seleucid Kingdom was Syria to Afghanistan including parts of Asia Minor.

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