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There is little evidence to suggest that any of the so-called barbarian peoples organised themselves into states, and imposed their authority on the indigenous populations, when they first migrated into western Europe.In this respect, Jordaness History of the Goths makes an interesting comment when naming ... among those who provided soldiers to the Roman army (Franci, Sarmat, Armoriciani, Liticiani, Burgundiones, Saxones, Ripari, Olibriones, quondam milites Romani).Settipani suggests, for onomastic reasons only, that she may have belonged to the Burgundian royal family which, if correct, means that for chronological consistency she may have been the daughter of either King Gundobad or his brother Godogisel (-after 573).

From a chronological point of view, it is probable that the rule of Gundahar was contemporary with the Burgundians first crossing into territory west of the River Rhine. However, it is unlikely that the Burgundians imposed any form of centralised administration on this territory.

Such a situation would recall the likely reality of Frankish leadership at the time the Franks first moved into Gaul (further discussed in the document MEROVINGIAN KINGS), and there appears no reason to suppose that the Burgundian model would in that respect have been any different.

If that is correct, the regal title accorded in modern secondary sources to early Burgundian leaders would in practice have reflected few of the attributes which were subsequently linked to kingship.

This passage suggests that the case of the Burgundians was similar to that of the other peoples who lived on the periphery of Roman jurisdiction and who provided many of the military volunteers who served in the Roman army with the later prospect of acquiring Roman citizenship.

The dating of events involving the early Burgundians presents extreme difficulties, the near contemporary primary sources rarely specifying dates.

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