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The area in and around Næsby in Jutland where the tomb is located is thought to have been part of Valdemar the Great’s ancestral heritage that was handed down to him from antiquity.

“It is private property he inherited from his father’s side, and Galiciefarer is part of the lineage,” said Nielsen.

“It’s just a theory, an idea, but somebody has to say it first,” Nielsen told Videnskab.

Galiciefarer, who became famous raiding, looting and pillaging in Galicia in northern Spain in the early 11th century, has been referred to in written literature as an “earl of Denmark”.

Vesthimmerland er ikke kun golfbaner, men området rummer meget mere.

Overnatningssteder i Vesthimmerland Når du spiller golf i Vesthimmerland kan du overnatte på forskellige typer af overnatningssteder – lige fra Danmarks bedste golfhotel – Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort – til privat indkvartering og B&B – og alt derimellem – feriecentre, såsom Dayz Rønbjerg, feriehuse, vandrehjem, hoteller og kroer – og sågar en vingård. Faktaboks: Landsdelen med de fleste golfbaner Hjemmebane for Europatouren Made in Denmark i 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 Danmarks bedste golfhotel (kåret tre år i træk) ligger i Vesthimmerland (Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort). Overnatningssteder: Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort (har golfophold) Aars Hotel (har golfophold) Næsbydale Badehotel Glenholm Vingård Hvalpsund Færgekro (har golfophold) Hotel Hvide Kro (har golfophold).

Spisesteder: Udsøgte spisesteder er: Restaurant Kanalfogedens Køkken i Løgstør Restaurant P. Gallerier: Galleri Thrane Galleri Himmerland Galleri 14 Galleri Aalestrup.

Egyptian royal names Kim Ryholt A royal name is a statement the significance of which is not always easy to grasp.

Ryholt traces the development of the names and titles and ex plains why certain models were chosen and sometimes altered or imitated to suit political or religious circumstances.

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