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RF: Despite your early writing success, this type of attention was all new to you. Yet, it would probably be considered formal wear today, considering what many female artists are wearing now.

Did an industry person ever ask you to be more provocative in regard to what you wore, or how you performed?

Amy Holland: Ok [laughs trepidatiously] RF: [laughs] Well, Dick made a fuss about it himself…

Amy Holland: Yes he did, and he was very cute about it. RF: For many viewers of Bandstand that day, if your voice or appearance didn’t grab them, your explanation of your start in the music business probably did.

When she became pregnant, my parents sort of went the “We’re going to have a family and get a real job” route, but my mother had quite a few irons on the fire when she backed out.What was going through your mind when Dick Clark approached you for one of his famous Q & A segments while millions watched? When you are on shows like that, especially when you’re relatively new, you can get really nervous.But what you saw with Dick was what he really was – sweet and kind – and that kept me calm. RF: You looked great in that appearance and I’ll mention that again later.RF: An artist could sell 25,000 copies of their debut album, but the company might allow them to record another one if they believed in them. Amy Holland: No, that would not happen today [laughs]. (Chonin Records) RF: Commercially, your journey was the reverse of what I just described, in that your debut was a smash, but your second album under performed. Amy Holland: I did a duet with David Pack of Ambrosia, called ‘I Still Run To You’.The label really wanted that to be the single, but we fought hard for it to be a song that Mike and I had written.

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