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Women rarely think about this from the man's perspective, especially if the man was the one who "ruined things." Full disclosure -- I had a privileged upbringing, which technically makes me a "rich girl." But I did not grow up and expect that lifestyle without my own paycheck. In my experience, there are two types of "rich girls": ones who become gold diggers and don't have jobs, real friends, or passions, and ones whose privileged upbringings were contingent upon performance (school, work) and respect for the people providing that lifestyle.Unfortunately, it's not always easy to distinguish between these two types of "rich girls." There are many external similarities."Tangible" does not begin to describe his level of disgust towards girls who expect their boyfriends and husbands to pick up where daddy left off. First, money is a sensitive subject, whether you're talking about a little or a lot.Second, this man made all his money himself -- he didn't inherit it.

Some doofus who keeps his own espresso machine in the back had just offered me a shot (of coffee) because, as he put it, "I don't do coke and need to stay awake." Really, I couldn't fantasize a worse human being if I tried.She spends plenty of time and money making sure that she looks as good as possible for the men she meets, after luring them in with suggestive photos on her social media profiles.She says: “If I invest in myself then they’re going to invest in me.Super-rich businessman Mark Vanderpump, uses his wealth to pick up beautiful young women online and in night clubs, where he often DJs. “I probably have led him on to make him believe something is going to happen, but generally I am attracted to the lifestyle he lives.” But Mark confesses he is looking for more than just a date, as he is desperate for a more meaningful relationship.After recently coming out of a 22-year marriage, 56-year-old Mark is back playing the field – using his money to attract women much younger than himself. “I’m dating four or five women at a time.” One of his dates, who he met in a club and lavishes with gifts, fine wine and expensive meals out, claimed she wasn’t a gold digger. His search for love sees him fly 27-year-old Rosana over from her native Brazil for a weekend of shopping and fine dining in Essex, where he lives.

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