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Now below you can get that how to unlink your Facebook account with Tinder and How to use tinder without Facebook.

We are listing some popular reasons for unlink tinder with Facebook.

If you have also same issue as you want to use the tinder app and don’t want to connect your Facebook account with the Tinder app.

Then in this article we are trying to tell full guide about why to link or unlink your Facebook account with Tinder app.

It will give you to disable the link between your Facebook and Tinder account.

First of all you will get little information and idea about why it is important to signup tinder with your Facebook account.

You can also get the details about why you don’t have to sigup Tinder with your Facebook account. As you know these days Facebook is one of the most popular and best social networking website. There are some popular reasons for why is required to sign up tinder with Facebook.

You can read the best reason to know why you shouldn’t link your Facebook account with tinder app.

Now one of the good and real question is that can you use tinder without Facebook?

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