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Critical Hit - in the "d20" system, attack rolls are figured by a 1 to 20 chance. Some weapons might have a Critical line that reads: 17-20 / x3. The mercenaries appear, and you end up fighting them and saving Batono. If you really want to kill him and get your DSP, then the best way is to mention Czerka right away, say it only matters that you get paid, that Lorso will be happy to hear that you found him, and he fights you.

Note, however, that you still get your DEX for attack rolls (ranged and finesse only) and for Reflex saves. However, Critical Hit chances can be changed, both by items and feats. (100 XP) Now, even if you LIE to him about taking him to Grenn, if you lead him out of the apartment, you've actually just started walking the Light path.

Creating your Exile : FNBGS: Final Words ...................................... So, regardless, the game should stay challenging enough no matter which way you go. If you didn't get this quest, they are replaced with 3 generic mercenaries. Once you get your ship back, return to Telos - Citadel station for 200 credits. The first two options will get him to reveal that Batono is an employee, but that's it, unless you want the DSP, in which case you threaten to hurt him.

Bear in mind that the difficulty of the fights (from numbers of opponents, to Vitality levels of Bosses) is determined by your level. You'll find these guys on the surface, just past the first group of mercenaries. (DSP) You can tell me what you know, or I can hurt you, and then you will tell me what you know.

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From Tech Specialist, to Jedi Guardian, they all gain 1 point per level. Follow the dialogue options until you get the option to help with the smuggling (or that you "want in").

If you destroy it and kill the guard, you will make your game unwinnable. At best, you can gain and lose with Kreia at the same time. (50 XP) Also, despite what the droid says (and your Journal as well) you can't work for the Exchange to get your ship back. You will see the Exchange come up in both of those, however. Now, your things are placed in the "Detainee" lockers, but you can loot all the lockers here anyway... Also ask him if he has any work you can do to get the bounties sidequests, Batono, criminals and Batu Rem. You can slice the terminal behind Grenn for some information, but nothing important.

There is no other particular change, besides who flirts with you, and Kreia's reactions to you, however. T3 can make Computer Spikes forever, but will only make them if you . But if you're going to say that, you may as well have worked for Samhan.

__________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords FAQ/Walkthrough (XBox) ___________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________ January 25, 2005 Version 1.1 Written by: Dan Simpson Email: [email protected] emailing me, use this subject: Star Wars: Knights 2 v 1.1 (Emails that don't use this subject will be deleted, avoid using all CAPS) Email Policy: (read before emailing me! Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords is a property of . Lucasarts, Bioware and Obsidian, and all related marks are Trademarks, . Registered Trademarks, or Copyrights owned by the respective companies. Swag - another name for treasures, items, booty, shinies, junk, and other things that you'll pick up. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ii. Creating your Exile : IICYE: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The "Exile" is your character, in addition to whatever you name him/her. If you want to win Ramana from the other Pazaak player here, you might want to buy cards off her.

) ================================================================= Got a question? Check the Frequently Asked Questions section first (it's before the walkthrough) to see if your question is already answered. Since most of the items you'll find are randomly determined by the game, and you'll get different things every time you play, I can't really say what you'll get (except in some specific instances). There are 3 main "classes" you can take, each with a male/female option. I'd recommend buying all her /- cards in stock, but unless you really know what you're doing, avoid the Flip 3&6 and Flip 2&4 cards. You can [Persuade] to get him to waive the 100 credit entrance fee.

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