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The rank of Lieutenant Colonel is often verbally shortened to simply "Colonel".Major is a military rank denoting an officer of mid-level command status.The exact rank of a general may be determined by combining a prefix (e.g. In some armies, however, the rank of Captain General, General of the Army, Army General or Colonel General occupied or occupies this position.These ranks may be considered to be equivalent to a full General or to a Field Marshal, depending on the army in question.The naval equivalent to a Major is, in most nations, the rank of Lieutenant Commander.Captain is both a nautical term and a rank in various uniformed organizations.In countries that do not maintain the rank of Brigadier General, including much of Eastern Europe, Major General normally serves as the lowest General Officer rank.Brigadier General (sometimes known as a one-star general from the United States insignia) is the lowest rank of general officer in some countries, usually ranking just above Colonel and just below Major General.

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MILITARY OFFICERS (O-1 thur O-10) - UNITED STATES AIR FORCE "General Officer", often referred to less formally and imprecisely as "General", refers to a military officer who holds any rank grade of General. OFFICER RANK INSIGNIA FOR US MILITARY - Air Force, Army, Marines And Navy A General, without prefix or suffix (and sometimes referred to informally as a "full general"), is usually the most senior general officer rank, above Lieutenant General.These titles were used to distinguish the ruler's most important officers and usually involved a certain amount of negotiation over precedence.Lieutenant General is a military rank used in almost every country in the world.In the United States Air Force, General of the Air Force is the highest rank, equivalent to a five star General.The rank has only been held by one person in history: Henry H. General of the Army is the equivalent rank in the United States Army and the insignia for the two positions were originally the same.

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