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The bill would require school districts to develop a curriculum about dating violence for middle and high school students. And some of those kids come from homes where there may not be healthy relationships even in their homes," said Sargent.

Schools would also need to create a policy saying dating violence is unacceptable, and train school staff to respond to abusive situations."Just last year, 2017,15 percent of all female students in Wisconsin experienced teen dating violence of a sexual nature and 9 percent experienced dating violence in a physical nature," said Tarrier. Melissa Sargent, the primary author of the bill, said she will do everything she can to pass the measure this legislative session and show students what a healthy relationship looks like. Social media has created another forum for teenagers to bully and harass their partners.

Twenty other states have passed similar legislation.

The Marshfield School District is the only district currently teaching this curriculum.

The abuse can be physical, emotional, or sexual, and it's a growing concern among teens.

UMKC senior Jamie Powell is the president of the Multicultural Student Organization.

Additionally, an item that asked specifically about sexual DV and had the same response choices was added, which allowed students to report how many times they had experienced such victimization.

These changes in the measurement of DV revealed a substantial sex category difference in prevalence estimates, with female students reporting a significantly higher frequency of DV victimization (either physical or sexual) compared with male students (20.9% vs 10.4%).

However, in this study the association of NMUPD with DV victimization remained even after adjusting for sexual identity, suggesting other potential mechanisms to explain this relationship.

Further studies are needed to elucidate the contexts of sexual violence exposure for male students and how this may be related to NMUPD.

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