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Since Dusty Thursday is a regular feature now, I thought I'd share some standard tips about how to identify dusties.I'm not a dusty expert myself, but I've read a lot of research that real experts have done.As you may have noticed from my own blog articles, I’m a firm believer that whisky is there to be drunk rather than stored.My advice always is that if you find yourself in possession of a very special bottle of whisky drink it over a year or so on special occasions and then keep the empty bottle as a nice reminder of the original gift and story and also the special occasions when you drank really special whisky.Haig Gold Blended Whisky is in a normal shaped bottle whereas Haig Dimple and it’s American Market sister Haig Pinch are in the three sided bottles with dimples or dents in each of the three faces.Below you’ll see some of the elements of different Haig bottles that can be used to help give a better idea of the age of your Haig bottle.

Hopefully, that’s enough to keep you all going and give you a better idea of the age of your bottle of Haig!

So while not full proof, bottle codes are a fairly reliable indicator of the general period. It pays to know some history of the distilleries and brands you like.

Changes to the label design, proof, name of the brand or address can give you clues as to the age of the bottle. Head to your corner "Liquor/Deli/Lottery" store and start looking through the dust!

Many bottles go directly into circulation after being made so this is a good indicator of the approximate bottling date for the spirit, but it is not always the case.

I have seen examples of older bottle codes on newer whiskeys.

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