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Para a maioria das pessoas, príncipes, princesas, condes e duques são encontrados apenas nas páginas dos mais famosos contos de fadas. A família que teria sido a realeza se a Itália não tivesse abolido a monarquia em 1946.Coroas, jóias inestimáveis e tronos dourados pertencem apenas aos sonhos da infância. Mas para os aristocratas de minha casa, a abolição não significa nada.Anyways, as they say, Low crime does not mean No crime, so just stay vigilant and alert in public places and do normal security measures at home, hotel or wherever you maybe. To live there is like sitting on a bomb that will explode anytime.Foreigners dont have much to do there, go to mall, or sit in condo. I didn't visit to Davao but i know about Mayor Roderigo Duterte and as being Pakistani feeling my honor to say my president is Duterte, i wish one day i visit and meet to Sir Mayor Duterte in person.2 April 2003: 17 dead 70 injured At least 17 people were killed when a bomb exploded near a barbecue stand in a row of food stalls by the Sasa wharf ferry terminal in Davao City.14 February 2005: 1 dead, 5 injured A 12-year-old boy died when a bomb exploded at a bus terminal in Davao City, Davao, injuring five others.He can do that because he is not beholden to anybody.

The 911 fire engines are not that old unlike other cities.There are places in Davao where white men better not to show up at night. And in future i wish to have my house thereand live there too.Is not safe as everyone says, is danger there ofcourse. Try to do some business there than you will see what is it all about. Well sure, you say it's not Davao, it's a whole long 10 minute ferry ride away... Its really amazingly weel organized city of Mindanao Phillipines.In case of road safety, speed limits are implemented in the road too, 30kph is the city limit, some inner city 6 lane roads at 40kph and the national highway at 60Kph.Discrimination is also not allowed, like discrimination of race and gender, they have implemented fines for that.

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