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David Benowitz is an experienced attorney with a successful track record of fighting for his clients.

As a criminal defense lawyer in Washington, DC, Mr.

If you are contacted by any law enforcement agency, do not make any statements, even those denying involvement, as they will most likely be used to build a case against you later.

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More information regarding federal charges and legal representation can be found here.

If you are found to be carrying a pistol without a license, you could potentially face maximum penalties of five years in prison, a ,000 fine, or both.

The laws defining what constitutes “carrying” or a “pistol” and what makes a firearm “unregistered” are complex, so please continue on to our gun lawyer page for more information about these laws.

Assault with significant injury is charged when the injuries to the victim require hospitalization or immediate medical attention.

The penalties for this added element are more significant, with a maximum prison sentence of three years, and fines that can add up to ,500, or both. Assault is considered “aggravated” if it causes substantial risk of death, obvious disfigurement, extreme physical pain, or unconsciousness.

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