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The lame man sees delicious fruit in a nearby orchard but can't reach it. Thus, the lame man instructs the blind man to carry him across the field, with the lame man directing him to the fruit.

The blind man happily agrees and anxiously they advance into the orchard and take the fruit.

Resurrection signifies that man in his totality, body and soul, is immortal.

The relationship of body and soul is like that of a blind man and a lame man (Sanhedrin 91b).

So again, why doesn't this Principle posit the existence of the World of Come?

Why did Maimonides choose the idea of the resurrection of the dead instead?

This Day of Judgment is the day of the resurrection of the dead, when all will be judged as to their position in the World to Come.Soon afterward, the outraged orchard owner appears and begins to question them.The blind man says, "I couldn't have taken the fruit – I can't see." The lame man says, "I couldn't have taken the fruit – I can't walk." The owner thinks a moment and then forces the lame man to hop onto the shoulders of the blind man. Only the two together have free will, only the two together are the image of God.Where is there true reward and punishment in a world where so many innocent and righteous suffer while so many evil people seem to enjoy the good life?If this world is all there is, how can a system of reward and punishment be perceived to exist?

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