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Committed spouses or partners model a loving, caring, and supportive relationship for their children.This translates into future success when children learn how to seek positive relationships and interact well with others.Children with these opportunities are more likely to be successful academically and socially.The successful nuclear family provides children with consistency in caretaking.Pew Research Center notes 57 percent of households with married parents were well above the poverty line while only 21 percent of single-parent households were.Children in nuclear families may be able to attend dance, gymnastics, music or other types of classes, especially when both partners work outside the home.Pew Research Center found that 20 percent of kids born to married parents experience divorce, while nearly 50 percent of kids in cohabiting families experience divorce.

Every family structure has advantages and disadvantages. In general, people view this family structure as an ideal arrangement to raise a family.Children who have both stability and consistency in their lives are more likely to exhibit positive behavior, earn good grades in school and become more involved in community and extracurricular activities.The nuclear family may eat dinner together regularly basis, go to church, and take family vacations which strengthens relationships and builds a solid foundation for future life goals.Without help from extended family, parents may need to take off work to care for sick children.The struggle to balance the demands of work, family and friendships without outside assistance leads to stress, depression, anxiety or other problems.

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