Discouraged by online dating

The first telephone conversation, which is free and involves no obligation, will give Bettina some idea of your online dating history and what you are looking for in terms of support. Most of Bettina’s clients seek advice and support to help with the whole online dating process.

You may be interested to know that other companies which offer more personalised services, charge many thousands of dollars for making half a dozen introductions.Once you are successfully launched and armed with Bettina’s initial package of advice, you may choose to continue to receive her advice and support.Most of her clients find it useful to have her available for the next few months to help deal with issues as they arise – from writing appealing emails and handling difficult correspondence, to deciding which relationships to pursue.She finds the initial process of creating a profile usually takes up to 3-4 hours of her time, with many emails and phone calls to make sure her client is happy with the result.Then if you need photographs she will work with one of her photographers deciding on the best photos to edit for the profile.

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