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I hope that you feel it’s more exciting after you’re finished reading this article.

There’s no doubt that no one gets married to get divorced, but divorces happen every day.

If you accept that it’s not ideal, you can stage your own pity party and then, soon after, you can move on again.

Focus on having fun – not finding a lifelong partner.

One of the things I struggled with the most after my divorce and subsequent single parent status was trying to maintain a work-life balance for my son and myself.

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I’m instantly reminded of my advice to one celebrity, Kim Kardashian, when I read aloud an open letter to her on television’s “Showbiz Tonight.” Before the divorce to her husband had been finalized, she was already discussing whether she was going to marry Kanye West! After a divorce, you should take the issue of marriage off the table entirely.

Their life eventually balances out and we start to hear from them again. In the beginning, I couldn’t wait for my Friday or Saturday night date night.

But often for the first few months, they’re entirely wrapped up in the relationship. My relationship (marriage in my case) ended and I found myself suddenly living on my own, only having my son part-time and with quite a bit of idle time on my hands. I never scheduled dates during my time with my son, but being in a co-parenting situation allowed me to do this without many of the challenges solo parents experience.

Instead, tell your dates that you actually learned a lot of important lessons from your marriage, and everyone will love and admire your positive attitude. At first, dating will feel like an annoying obligation.

If you want to date happily after a divorce, you have to be honest about the fact that it’s unpleasant to have to put yourself out there again and subject yourself to the unpredictability of meeting new people.

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