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He'll go, ‘Check this out, tell me what you think.’ Which speaks volumes about who he is and how he sees and views people.Every person has a voice and an idea, so he's sincerely looking to hear what you have to say—good, bad, or whatever ...When he has his beats or his rhymes, he offers them to the committee and we're all invited to dissect, strip, or add on to what he's already started. Pete Rock said of his studio experience with West, "He's definitely hip-hop, his roots, I was testing him on joints... He had these musicians and this song, they played around my little raggedy beat and made it real.By the end of the sessions, you see how he integrates and transforms everyone's contributions, so the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I love the way he works — he goes from one room, writing rhymes then goes to another beat and goes to another room and does something else — I love what he's done".The album got great reviews across the board from the likes of Mixmag, The Guardian and Clash.Their summer single After Dark which featured The Mystery Jets got Radio 1 playlist and saw them play live at Reading Festival with the band.In observing discussions among them during his visit, Callahan-Bever noted: "Despite the heavyweights assembled, the egos rarely clash; talks are sprawling, enlightening, and productive ...

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He has released two compilations Ghetto Bass and Ghetto Bass 2, both are 2 CD mixes of "bassline sounds, electro, drum & bass, dubstep & house" tracks by a variety of artists.Engineers worked around the clock, as West bounced from room to room.This assiduous work ethic led to West employing two private chefs, one for hot food, and one for cold food.In 2010, Hervé collaborated with Fatboy Slim to produce the acid house song "Machines Can Do the Work".2012 album Pick Me Up, Sort Me Out, Calm Me Down features guests including Steve Mason of the Beta Band.

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