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Microsoft Io T Central allows companies throughout the world to build production-grade Io T applications in hours and not worry about managing all the necessary backend infrastructure or hiring new skill sets to develop the solutions.

In short, Microsoft Io T Central makes it so that everyone can benefit from Io T.

Devices are to make it faster and easier to provision device identities at scale and templates are versioned to support Dev Ops.

Actions include notifications and a wide range of extensions that are coming soon, such as Webhooks, Logic Apps, Azure Functions, 3rd party application integrations, etc.You can connect, or simulate, up to 10 devices and leverage all the functionalities of the solution.You can start with a blank application to create your own custom solution, or start from one of the available templates, like the fully featured Contoso demo app.Microsoft Io T Central also supports advanced security and user management features such as Two-factor authentication and Security Groups.To explore all its features and capabilities, and appreciate the full potential of applications created, Microsoft Io T Central provides a 30 day free trial.

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