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I wanted my debut novel to be the best it could be.

After working with Rebecca, not only is my book better, so is my writing craft.

She knows the mechanics of story and the subtleties of character. After failing to publish my first book I knew I needed some sound editorial guidance so I found Becca on the web and sent her my latest manuscript.

She’s an insightful mentor, and an organized, motivating coach. She was enthusiastic and I was impressed with her responsiveness. Months later we had polished my book into a shinier facsimile of its previous incarnation and I sent it off to agents.

She is prompt at getting my chapters back to me, and her comments are savvy and insightful.

Becca has been my dream editor through two novels, one of which has already landed in the top 100 on Amazon.

She was so much more insightful and deft than the editor I was assigned for my traditionally published book that it was difficult to think of them as being part of the same profession.

She edited two of my manuscripts, which have both since been acquired by Penguin Destiny.

I would definitely recommend her editing services for anyone who is looking to have their manuscript whipped into the best possible shape before self-publishing or submitting to agents or editors in traditional publishing.

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