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Our priests wear beards, he said, and the Egyptian priests shave.

He even claimed (and this is no joke) that the women stood up to go to the bathroom and the men sat down. Since he didn't know the language, maybe he just blundered into the wrong door.

There was water always at hand, and the climate was perfect, particularly for a bunch of people who didn't like wearing clothes.

Like any other country the Egyptians' dress changed over the years.

Of course, by then the old Egyptian culture was dead and gone.By then the Christian church was fully in charge of the former Roman Empire and didn't take kindly to any of the leftover heathenish cults.Certainly after the Islamic conquest you either worshiped as one of the people of the Book, or you didn't worship at all.But since he was told a lot of poppycock (like the Persians had thin skulls and Egyptians had thick ones), a lot of poppycock ended up in his book. But it was the Egyptians themselves who really thought they were different. As far as they were concerned, Egypt was the best place in the world, and at the time they were right.For one thing, Egypt was one of the few countries that actually produced more, that's more, food than the people needed.

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