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The discovery of cell division is usually attributed to Hugo von Mohl (1805–1872), but Dumortier proceeded him in this regard.Von Mohl did coin the word "protoplasm" for the material contained in the cell.However, Schleiden insisted on priority for several ideas that were not his and clung to the idea that cells arise by a crystallization-like process either within other cells or from outside, which Dumortier had dispensed with some years earlier.(In Schleiden's defense, it should be remembered that drawing incorrect conclusions from limited observations is a risk inherent in science, especially when working on the frontier of a new field.) In 1839 a fellow German, Theodor Schwann (1810–1882), proposed that in animals too every structural element is composed of cells or cell products.Raspail was also the founder of cell biochemistry, making experiments on the chemical composition of the cell and their response to changing chemical environments.In 1832 Barthelemy Dumortier (1797–1878) of France described "binary fission" (cell division) in plants.In 1676 the Dutch microscopist Antony van Leeuwenhoek (1632–1723) published his observations of single-cell organisms, or "little animalcules" as he called them.

Raspail was the first to state one of the two major tenets of cell theory: Omnis cellula e cellula, which means "Every cell is derived from another cell." However, despite this ringing and famous phrase, his proposed mechanism of cell generation was incorrect.Marcello Malpighi (1628–1694), and Hooke's colleague, Nehemiah Grew (1641–1712), made detailed studies of plant cells and established the presence of cellular structures throughout the plant body.Grew likened the cellular spaces to the gas bubbles in rising bread and suggested they may have formed through a similar process.English physicist and microscopist Robert Hooke (1635–1702) first described cells in 1665.He made thin slices of cork and likened the boxy partitions he observed to the cells (small rooms) in a monastery.

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