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If you do, do like it hard or just a bare spank or slap. he had been wanting to have a homosexual experience for a while but i wasn't into it.

one morning i was in the living room and he came in fully naked. he took my clothes off while we were struggling so we were both completely naked. he started moaning and grabbing my hips when he was about to cum so i stood up and put it in my mouth and swallowed again. afterwards i made him suck my cock and swallow my cum. This guy had an amazing cock and he had been with guy's before, and yes I did get a taste of his cum as he pulled out of my gf's cunt still shooting and I grabbed it and finished him off.

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A few years back, I was dating a single mom and we went out on a date with a baby sitter at her house.

If that guy wants to continue in the porn industry he should invest in a cock pump.

Since my date and I were well into fucking, we didn't quit.

his cock was hard and when i started to say something in protest he put it in my mouth and forced me to suck on it. then he came in my mouth and wouldn't let me up until i swallowed it, but by now i was enjoying it. it was one of the most erotic experiences of my life. Recalling this has got me so hard I want someone to suck me off and right now I WISH IT WAS YOU. I like the blonde that said you better have sex with me and my husband or I will tell your mom that you ruins my marriage and I am 10 and I like girls i kiss my cousin daise has big tit an same age as me she is yummy This threesome with the babysitter, wife, and hubbie is very hot! I wish my wife would let me fuck the lady next door.Yea yea...i want to know all they did ...let's talk, i need advice as to how to get her to tell me...... It was my birthday and i was coming in from work and there was was my wife and the lady next door all naked and my wife said happy birthday and her your birthday gife from me.So we all got naked and went to are bedroom and were those girls let me due anything i what too or told them to due.Dam that was a great day My wife loves to be eaten by me then after cumming she likes to be fucked hard from behind the she gets multiple orgasm.Se likes me to cum in her mouth then allover her face.

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