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The energy overview in the Direct Debit Manager shows what we think you'll use until your next annual review, so forecasts for the future. ON See information is based on what you've used in the past.These numbers are taken from your account and look at the energy you’ve used over the last year so we can predict what we think you’ll use in the future.We also include your discounts or rewards, and any payments you’re about to make and your current balance.Together we can use these numbers to give you an energy overview.If you're in debt at the time of your annual review, we'll add anything you owe us to your payments over the next year.If you decide to pay your balance or you want to agree a different payment amount or arrangement, call us on 03, We're here Monday to Friday 8-8pm and Saturday 8-6pm. Your Annual Review will be moved so it’s in line with when we send your statements.

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If you still want a refund we’ll need to make sure you’re billed up to date, so you’ll need to provide us with an actual meter reading.

We'll look at your account and decide if your payments need to change.

We always try to make sure you've nothing to pay by the time of your next annual review.

We regularly review your monthly Direct Debit payment throughout the year to make sure you are paying the right amount.

Once a year we also carry out an annual review of your monthly Direct Debit payment.

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