Error updating view invalid nonexistent document

There is no practical limit to the number of descendant generations a document can have.However, views are limited to displaying a maximum of 31 levels of Responses to one main document (from R5 to R8.5.x).could create a solution in a custom design, using text type fields to identify Parents, but this sort of thing is very complicated to set up and has the disadvantage of not supporting the native Parent/Response navigation scheme).Have you ever seen this message when opening a mail database? Normal Fixup, Compact, Updall, and even template replace will not fix the issue. The -D switch discards any built view indexes You can try this for B-tree structure is invalid! For good measure you can run Updall -R afterwards to rebuild all the view indexes.Hello, I get this error message starting Notes Client and the error says “Invalid OR nonexistent document”. Please tell me about this error and the suggestion to avoid the error. This means that the Column Formula usually has to combine multiple items to display the most meaningful data (and in the event that different Forms are used for different levels, you’ll also need to differentiate those using something like: @If(Form=””;) etc.) • Here are some of the formulas to keep in mind when working with and displaying Parent/Response relationships: ♦ @All Children: View Selection/Selective Replication formula for including all Response documents at for any Parent documents matching selection criteria ♦ @All Descendants: View Selection/Selective Replication formula for including all Response and Response to Response documents for Parent documents matching selection criteria.(In other words, this will show descendant levels down to and including grandchildren/Responses to Responses but no further).♦ @Doc Descendants: View Title/Column formula for returning the number of all Descendants (regardless of level).♦ @Doc Children: View Title/Column formula for returning the number of all direct Responses (and direct Responses ) for the current doc or category.

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With this in mind we decided to write a short backgrounder on how Notes deals with the Parent and Response document hierarchy, plus what to do when things go awry.

For example: @Set Doc Field($REF;”Dst Doc Item Name”;”New Item Value”) • Reading the $REF item using the ndoc.~$Ref or ndoc.

Get Firstitem(“$Ref”) method will work and it will return an array of strings without having to cstr (convert to string).

Additionally, by using a formula like in the example that follows, a view will show a document that matches a given form and will also show all its Responses, regardless of their forms: Form = My Doc | @All Children • Using Columns for displaying Responses: If you set a Column to display ‘Responses only,’ it will display everything—right down to the deepest levels of document hierarchy.

Note: You only use one Column to display these Response documents.

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