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Its funny I write this, but my circle of friends in Brazil is totally different than what i have here. Thanks God my day is now 200 % busy, have no time to think about anythinghe fact that im far from my friends is something that hurts a lot.I will not even talk about the family, its obvious. Of course, I can not generalise how is the use there, but all people I match we had direct talks, straight to the hookup point. Since 2002 the museum’s offices have been located in Tøihuset in the Old Town; the historical civic exhibition is also housed here. Today, at the same day last year, me and my mom arrived at this cold city. I always liked to travel and have ran very , saw the way to Norway as a learning and course changes that can be good or not .Good for whom were looking for easy sex, not my case at all. I began to feel on my skin which is an immigrant when i entered in my visa papers.I am particularly interested in New Medias/ Technologies, so I decided to research about how mobile applications/media combined with Social Media affect our lives, in a communication perspective, making a case study of Tinder. Every Wednesday since 2001, the local Jan-Kåre Fjeld, his friends and who wants to join, go for a Peace March in downtown Fredrikstad.In the age of mobile media, social interactions prioritise proximity and depend on our material engagement with the world. It starts at 18h in front of City Hall and lasts for one hour.Social media has transformed the way people meet, interact, even live. While in Norway people won’t give a fuck if you work for a big company or for the Post Office, in NYC it is a big deal to show up that you have gotten a great job in Manhattan or whatever. But, there are people on Tinder looking for a relationship, a nice girl/guy to hang around and share moments. I have made so many nice friends that I still keep in touch, that it is insane. The Old Town is a living quarter of Fredrikstad with 350 inhabitants.

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As I said, I used for the first time here, in Norway. But I must admit that the fact that I’m latin, black and Brazilian “helps” to catch the attention in Scandinavia. The downtown area is full of colours and nice architecture, mixing the old history with the new.

But my friends, who I saw every day, go out on weekends and always care … And after a year, I decided to rewrite the continuation of this post here.

My name is Carolina I am from Brazil and I am doing my Masters in Literature at the ELTE University in Budapest, Hungary.

For me the future of mobile social media it is on Sean Rad and crew’ hands. I started using Tinder while doing a project for Expedia, where I was travelling around Scandinavia alone and I had tasks, such as invite people for dinner, take selfies with strangers, etc.

I’m quite a shy person, and in Norway, it became an impossible mission. Regardless of obvious difficulties like linguistic and cultural differences, dating traditions vary widely from country to country.

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    "They would present them to me, and if I approved it they would schedule a date." Using the robot, Lyadova said, wasn't as effective in finding potential dates she actually liked but she could see AI playing a bigger role in dating in the future.