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I am blubbering now, but I knew if anyone could understand, the people here would. I bought this one online because it is not very common in stores and for my 'perfume education' I had to try such a classic.

I have a current version and can only imagine that those describing a sillage monster must have vintage or original formulas.Also, I personally have a low tolerance for sweetness in perfume and find the bath oil too sweet for my tastes.The EDP suits my preferences perfectly so it is my method of choice and I have been getting a lot of use out of it.As many others have noted, the name is very misleading -- there is nothing youthful about this perfume. And I mean literally screams, because it is powerful stuff! This gem deserves a sultry name like Opium or Tabu! YD for all its power is very starched and clean scrubbed smelling - no naughty bits at all. This is very similar to Opium, but it comes with a cheaper price tag. I used to wear it when I was younger (no where near a femme fatale that I imagine would wear this) but lately I find myself more drawn to subtler scents. I see shadows of women in long coats, 40s and 50s hairstyles, all made up, all confident rushing through the streets of a nearly forgotten era. I personally smell spicy woody smoke, oriental yes, but in a cloud of smoke, that is like incense.The booming incense aroma is dense and substantial, and to me, it feels luxurious to the point of self-indulgence (which suits me just fine, frankly). My skin seems to "eat" fragrance, so I do not experience the cloying sillage monster that others seem to get. This is the absolute best type of fragrance to wear during the winter. Spritz on Youth Dew, wrap yourself in a blanket, and sit next to the fire. Sweet cinnamon, spicy warming clove, earthy patchouli, smoky incense, bitter citrusy bergamot.... This is an autumn/winter fragrance with a vintage feel for a femme fatale who is not afraid to leave a lasting impression. I still keep a small bottle of the bath oil to sniff whenever I crave something spicy, rich, breathtaking... I truly believe that if you know what to expect from this, then you have a good chance of enjoying it.

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