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S., on the other hand, there are strong federal privacy laws covering your financial and health data.

But Americans have few federal rights to see and control much of the information they share through social networks.

“It is very likely that no government or corporation has ever managed to gather such a huge amount of personal and often highly sensitive data,” Schrems said in complaints filed with the Irish Data Protection Commission.

The commission conducted an audit and said it would review in July Facebook’s progress toward giving European users greater control over their data.

Eben Moglen, a Columbia University law professor who supports decentralized data sharing, worries that Facebook's focus on privacy controls is “like a magician who waves a brightly colored handkerchief in the right hand so that the left hand becomes invisible.

From a consumer’s viewpoint, Facebook’s fatal design error isn’t that Johnny can see Billy’s data.

Suppose, for example, that you have “liked” the San Francisco 49ers page, or simply posted comments about football.

Markoff’s Facebook file included copies of his wall posts, page after page of photos, a list of the exact times he logged in, his IP addresses (the unique strings of numbers that identify where you’re accessing the Internet), as well as his list of friends.Given the differing protections, it’s worthwhile to ask what data Facebook actually keeps about you. Even Facebook's “Download Your Information” tool yielded only part of your personal file. Schrems was surprised to discover, among the 1,222 pages of data covering three years of Facebook activity, not only deleted wall posts and messages, some with sensitive personal information, but e-mail addresses he’d deleted and names he’d removed from his friends list.We know that thanks in large part to Max Schrems, a 24-year-old Austrian law student who managed to get a fuller copy of his personal information last year from Facebook's Dublin office, which oversees relations with users outside the U. Schrems formed an activist group called Europe-v-Facebook.org, which posts redacted copies of the files he and others have freed from Facebook.This revenue model dovetails neatly with Zuckerberg’s oft-stated goal of “making the world more open and connected.” The more data you share, the more Facebook knows about you and the more powerful its ad-targeting machine becomes.Privacy experts worry that Facebook’s business model runs contrary to people’s interests.

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