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There are certain things that are completely normal in the West that have the potential to freak out a Thai girl.You want to know what these things are, believe me.One reason why Thai women prefer to date Western men is because they assume that they are more romantic than Thai guys.I honestly don’t know if we are more romantic, but that’s what a lot of girls believe.You want to make everything right and leave a good impression. That’s exactly why I decided to share the following 10 survival tips for your first date with a Thai woman with you. The Thai culture is very different than any Western culture, especially when it comes to dating.I promise you that the dating etiquette you enjoy back home is pretty different than what awaits you in Thailand.

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I’m still recovering from 35 years of marriage so I’m not in the market at present.

Remembering what she said about her attitude towards relationships, marriage and family makes you smile. You are going to meet her in one hour at Siam Paragon in Bangkok.

You don’t know if she’s the one, but you are sure that she is more than just girlfriend material. The only problem is that you are so nervous that you can’t even button your shirt.

Imagine you are about to go on a date with a beautiful Thai woman.

You met her online and you exchanged a couple of messages.

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