Fauteuils d orchestre online dating

He had planned three concerts where in two of them, he would destroy two grand pianos, and in one, he would burn his formal concert dress.He said that he would instead tour with an electronic keyboard around France to give informal concerts.Duchâble was the classical music technical advisor for the Danièle Thompson film Fauteuils d'orchestre (2006), and performed the solo piano works for the soundtrack.The fictional character of "Jean-François Lefort" in this film incorporates elements of Duchâble's own expressed attitudes towards the classical music world.The one intimate relationship he has is with a computer-generated paramour.His love life takes an unexpected turn when his therapist gets him to join a virtual dating agency and his insurance agent tells him that, because of his handicap, he qualifies for a special kind of home help, in the form of a prostitute.It's basically an on-going conversation between Thomas and the various characters he sees on his "visiophone" (a kind of Web-Cam).We hear Thomas talking, but we never see him (except fleetingly in the final shot); all we see are the images on the visiophone - which are mostly single characters speaking directly to camera.

But will either of them draw Thomas out of his solitary world...?Among his musical collaborators was Micheline Ostermeyer.In 2003, Duchâble stated that he would end his classical recital career, in protest at what he saw as the elitism of the classical music system.It takes a while to get used to this unusual narrative style, but once you're in, you're hooked.The genius of this approach is that it forces the spectator into Thomas's world, and you do get a horrible sense of being trapped, like a chick unable to break out of its shell.

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