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You'll then see the sheetmusic displayed; you'll also see buttons to play the full arrangement of the tune through your computer's speakers.You'll also find buttons that allow you to change the tempo (speed) that the tune is playing!Publisher : Mel Bay Level : Advanced With Suggested Ornamentation and Phrasing The Gems feature not only meticulously-selected tunes, but represent the first major offerings that use Larsen's innovative system of notating Irish ornamentation.These books and CDs will help players gain a deeper understanding of the Irish musical tradition as well as provide new material to enhance the experience of the solo player and Irish session participant alike.Her arrangements were created using the music notation software "".The full-version of Finale is a very feature-rich (and is priced as such...), but there several lower priced versions available also.

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The Slow Session is designed mainly to help players become comfortable playing Traditional music with other players.melody instruments in most of the recordings on this page use very little ornamentation.

If you're not familiar with a tune being played at a Session and are trying to learn it, try to play very quietly, so as not to disrupt the flow of the tune.

(this of course, does not apply at our "Slow Session", where the whole idea is to learn the tunes...).

To use display (and play) the files below, you can download the "Finale Reader".

Once you've installed Finale Reader on your system, just click on one of the files below to open it.

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