Flylyf singles dating

Without the slightest hint of self-consciousness, he hugged, cuddled and generally displayed a considerable amount of affection toward the boy.

Spence fetched Michael water and orange juice and sat on his lap between takes.

Jackson himself told his personal maid, Blanca Francia, that .

In actual fact both Gloria Berlin and Blanca Francia had been deceived.

One conclusion could be that he was immature, leading people to believe he was younger than he actually was.

You don’t often see twelve year old boys playing patty cake, hence the possible confusion.

Spence family life seemed idyllic until August 15th, the tragic day in 1977 when Johnnie died suddenly at home from a heart attack.

Other rumors circulated that Jonathan was an orphan.

There was also some misinformation regarding Jonathan’s parents.

Jackson needed a plausible excuse as to why he would be spending so much time with a young boy both in his bedroom at Hayvenhurst and also while he was out and about.

One example was when Jackson famously double dated Emmanuel and Brooke Shields at the 1984 Grammy Awards, arriving with the young starlet on one arm and the 12 year old boy tucked under the other.

The special friend Jonathan we also know a lot about.

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