Francesca gregorini rooney mara dating the advantages of dating an older man

If most bisexual women end up with men, then mathematically speaking, they weren't truly bisexual. Many straight people are opportunistic, it doesn't make them any less straight. Not hold a press conference every time they hook up or break up with another bimbo, male or female. You don't know if she had any other sexual relationships with men or how her her private life is.She has been with at least 2 men that we know of, so she's bi.

To be fair to Amber Heard, she was legally married (during that brief window of legality in '08, pre- Prop 8) to Tasya Van Ree.

No doubt the marriage to Depp was a very calculated move and certainly the easier option.

As I've said for years, they can do whatever they want to do -- but I wish they would shut the fuck up and do it privately.

But I also think it is easier for them to be accepted when they come out This is what i noticed, Powerful Lesbians are always quiet about their personal lives. We might get a whisper here and there but when they're confronted about it they have a poker face. Wow, so quiet R16, that there is next to no traffic on this thread. There's not a lesbian contingency on DL at all anymore?

Oh well, come over to the "Herbert Ross Troll" threads instead. I've noticed Hollywood also has its version of Lesbian Until Graduation or whatever it is called -- starlets who suddenly have wild lesbian affairs with a co-star, embrace it maybe not publicly but not with shame either, and then, poof, it goes away when it's husband time. Amber Heard is the extreme example but I know many who have gone the "bisexual" route like Drew Barrymore and it's no big deal -- but it's not exactly good for the cause either.

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