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The milk crisis that developed in 2009, when prices plummeted across Europe while production boomed, drove him further into debt.During that same time period, Roze was diagnosed with cancer.Paltalk will even run in the background of your device if you want to listen to your favorite room or talk to a friend while you read emails.Never miss a great moment (or international call) again.-PUBLIC OR PRIVATE: for the social butterfly looking to meet people or talk to a group, join one of our thousands of live rooms and hop on cam; if you want something more private, try text messaging or video or voice calling your pals in a one-to-one conversation.Roze found him in his garage, shot point blank in the chest, the rifle still warm. His eyes were wide open as well as his mouth,” Roze recalls with a tear in his eye.“I will have that image in my mind until the day I die.” Two years later, the wife of another first cousin doused her body in petrol and lit herself on fire, taking her entire house, and her life.French consumers can buy oranges from Spain, meat from New Zealand, apples from Peru, milk from Germany, pork from Romania.

Yet in recent decades an array of trade treaties has left small French farmers at a loss to compete with global companies flooding cheap food into the country’s markets.

He says his doctor told him the cause was likely heavy exposure to pesticides without wearing proper protective gear.

Over the past few years Roze has often thought of suicide, but says his family and two daughters have kept him going. This November, Roze’s first cousin, who Roze says had often complained about the incessant presence of officials sent by either Paris or Brussels to ensure regulations were followed, killed himself using his hunting rifle.

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