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This process also helps to ensure that the coaching cycle is aligned with the desired team and organisational outcomes as well as the individual’s outcomes.The Coaching Room’s Living 360 process is a revolutionary approach to gaining high quality feedback from peers, colleagues, direct reports and managers.The Coaching Room offers both offline (face to face) coaching within Australia and online (live video (Skype Go To Meeting etc. Our Executive Leadership Coaching program includes Leadership Coaching Plus (Board Member or Leader Feedback and conversations throughout the Executive’s Coaching Cycle), as well as our Living 360 degree feedback interviews with peers, colleagues and direct reports.Incorporated into the Management Performance Program is Executive Coaching Plus™ – the inclusion of 2 additional x 15-minute meetings with the Manager’s Leader. Add a cellphone number to the cellphone directory here. WE WILL BE MIGRATING TO A NEW PLATFORM SOON - Check it out (not all fuctionalities are operational yet! For Free Directory Entry: For your free directory entry.

Created from Developmental Psychology, this assessment is particularly useful for Leadership and Organisational Development.These conversations occur prior to the cycle commencing and during the cycle completion session (or afterwards).These conversations are an opportunity to gain valuable insights into direction, as well as the Manager’s Performance blind spots and opportunities.Each cycle builds on the previous and foundational cycles to deepen and weave your emerging leadership through each coaching session and embodiment practise, as agreed upon by you or the Leader and their Coach.Our Executive Leadership coaching programs are available to individual Executives and teams, both nationally and internationally.

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