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Earhart's plane can also be seen on the far right being dragged by a large ship.

The name comes from their ability to opened the hardened shells of coconuts.

Bone-sniffing dogs may have found the lonely spot on an deserted island where Amelia Earhart died as a castaway after she crash landed in 1937.

Four border collies sniffed out the lingering scent of human remains on an uninhabited island south of her intended flight path - and researchers believe they could belong to the missing aviator or her navigator Fred Noonan.

The canines are trained to detect bones and the scent of remains, and previously this method has unearthed ancient burial sites that are nine feet deep.

The dogs pointed to a shaded spot underneath a tree on the isolated island of Nikumaroro, the same spot where British officials found bones they believed belonged to 39-year-old Earhart in 1940.

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