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I know…”But blockchain and Bitcoin are two separate things…” True, but without the blockchain, we wouldn’t have Bitcoin to begin with, so one could conceivably argue that – in this instance – they are two sides of the same coin.

Bitcoin has other uses too – especially in a socioeconomic sense.

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She has travelled Greenland, Europe and Canada performing modern drum dance, traditional singing, and displaying sealskin fashions.

Currently Aaju has a home-based sealskin garment business, translates, volunteers for the music society, collects traditional law from elders for the Department of Justice, and raises her five children—just recently, she graduated from Akitsiraq Law School and was called to the bar.

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Because of this, he maintains that “If nobody accepts the technology for payment then the value would be 0.” I hate to burst your bubble, Mr.

Faucette, but some of your facts are…shall we say…less than factual.

Inflation is through the roof, their native currency has about as much value as one-ply toilet paper, and people – families – are starving. Now, if by transaction fee, you mean a centralized service provider collecting a fee that goes into its own coffers, then I guess maybe you’re technically correct, but you’ve still missed the point. If you take the average of all 30 days, as of this writing, it works out to .8 billion – just a wee bit more than your billion estimate.

Kind of like tech support at a software company whose name will not be mentioned here. I respect your experience and your financial acumen, Mr.

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