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For example, the famous Al Capone was so careful hiding the true proceedings of his criminal activities that the police could only arrest him for tax evasion charges, now considered money laundering, too....

[tags: criminals, Al Capone] - Electronic Trade and Money Laundering ELECTRONIC TRADE — FEATURES AND EXPECTATIONS Electronic trade is a reality that reveals and promises both rapid and exponential growth.

Illegal Drug Use There are many illegal drugs ranging from stimulants including cocaine, drugs with mixed effects such as marijuana, or depressants that include Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate the (University of California, n. The particular consequences vary according to the drug. d) notes that most drugs have an addictive consequence after being used for only a few instances. Money laundering is when funds from criminal activity are converted into “clean money” and cannot be traced back to the criminal activity.

[tags: Money Laundering Essays] - What is Money Laundering.

In line with this, there is also a need to further study the processes that are involved in money laundering in order to properly address the aforementioned illegal action....

[tags: Crime] - According to Hopton (2009), money laundering tends to allocate dirty money around the world on the basis of avoiding national controls and therefore tainted money tends to flow to countries with less stringent controls.

The launderer can also be convicted and sentenced to serve time.

[tags: central bank, FATF's recommendations] - The Mexican drug cartels have been smuggling drugs across the boarder of Mexico to the United States of America for decades. The cartels need to launder their money in order to be able to take their drug money back to their country of Mexico.

The Mexican drug cartels are a drug smuggling criminal organization. * In my research, I will be discussing about the money being laundered by the Mexican drug cartels from the U. The Mexican drug cartels not only smuggle drugs to the U. [tags: legal issues, organized crime] - Has one ever wondered how a criminal can enjoy his profits without being exposed.

One of the main reasons people commit criminal acts is to make money off of it.

Money laundering allows criminals to enjoy these illegal proceeds without law enforcement noticing.

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