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The Auditor's Office staff is responsible for ensuring that state mandated formatting and legibility requirements are met.

Remember, once recorded to the public record, your document is permanent and cannot be removed or changed.

The remaining 5/6ths of parcels (about 92,000) are eligible for statistical adjustments.

All the current laws directing valuation definitions will continue to be in effect.

The Auditor's office staff cannot verify the accuracy or effectiveness of the information within your document.

Careful review of the contents of legal documents is the responsibility of the submitter.

The State of Washington passed a law requiring all county offices to transition to annual revaluation programs by 2014, (SSB 5368).

The law includes state directed grant funding to support system transition cost.

The improvements to property tax administration are substantial.

Major software modifications and upgrades were needed.

The old system software support provider announced termination of support. There is no additional cost in the new system for the software enhancements needed to support annual revaluations.

As a result, assessed valuations could not maintain uniform countywide market value relationships.

Assessed valuations routinely experienced 4-year cycle spikes.

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