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The Prince revealed her passion for the Paralympic-style event for injured servicemen he set up three years ago when he met cycling competitors on Wednesday afternoon.'I asked him how his girlfriend was enjoying it and he said 'she loves it, she's loving the games,' which is awesome' said former US air force master sergeant Kyle Burnett, 37.

Harry and Meghan's relationship has been the source of much public interest during the week that he has been in Toronto for the sporting event; coincidentally the city is also the location of filming for Meghan's popular TV show Suits, and the prince is even said to have paid a visit to the set after arriving in Canada before the start of the games.

The prince happily chatted with each of the team members as he presented them with their golds, having already presented medals to third-place USA, and second place UK.

Harry even went as far as to place a big kiss on the bald head of one of Denmark's players, who looked delighted at the display of friendly affection.

The prince said there was too much cynicism and apathy in the world and called for young people put aside their fears and make their voice heard.

Casually dressed in a blue shirt and grey chinos, the prince admitted that he was somewhat older than many in the audience, but insisted that he understood the pressures they faced and called on them to be cautious about their use of social media.

The brunette, who was dressed in a casual ensemble of a navy sweatshirt and jeans, appeared to be thoroughly enjoying her one on one time with the prince on Thursday.

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It is possible that Harry was sending a few candid snapshots and messages to his girlfriend Meghan Markle, 36, who has not made an appearance at the games since she and the prince stepped out for their debut as a couple on Monday, when they arrived hand-in-hand at the tennis tournament.Harry certainly seemed a bit distracted at times during the wheelchair rugby games, looking down to type away on his i Phone, which was covered by a protective clear case, after holding the smartphone up to snap a few images of the scenes going on in front of him.Ironically, Harry's focus on his i Phone came just hours after he made a surprise appearance at the WE Day celebrations, where he made a rousing speech about how important it is for young people to 'look up from their phones' and stop focusing solely on social media.Following the match Harry entered the pitch in order to present members of the Danish rugby team with their gold medals.The compassionate prince enthusiastically shaking hands with the team members before planting a kiss on the head of gold medalist Maurice Manuel.

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