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Also 12 Noon more food and chanting and on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at P. Hari Krishna is the freest high going if you can get into it and dig cereal and, of course, more chanting. If you can get a car, try a trip to Long Island City. BE 30250 (criminal matters) and the New York University Law Center Office, 249 Sullivan Street. Also for specialized cases and information you can call the National Lawyers Guild. On Wednesday night there are fantastic pick-ups on 35th Street in back of Macy's. Also consider demolition and construction sites as a good source for building materials to construct furniture. Someone during the day was sure to drop an extra token in and a free turn is just waiting for the first one to take advantage of it.

FREE TEA AND COOKIES — In a very nice setting at the Tea Center, 16 East 56th Street. There you will find the Gordon Baking Company at 42 25 21st Street, Pepsi-Cola at 4602 Fifth Avenue, Borden Company at 35 10 Steinway Street and Dannon Yogurt at 22-11 38th Avenue. 5 Beekman Street 227-1078 or the New York Civil Liberties Union, 156 Fifth Avenue, WA 96076. Move quickly though, the guards get pissed off easily; the truckers couldn't careless. Beds, desks, bureaus, lamps, bookcases,chairs, and tables. If you don't have access to a car or truck it is almost worth it to rent a station wagon on a weekday and make pick-ups. By far the most creative method is the use of German fennigs. These fit most turnstiles except the newest (carry a real token touse in case the freebee doesn't work). Large amounts must be purchased outside New York City. FREE PHONE CALLS — A number 14 brass washer with a small piece of scotch tape over one side of the hole will work in old style phones (also parking meters, laundromat dryers, soda and other vending machines). Code letter for 1968 is J, then a phone number and then a three digit district number.

Large East Side bars are fantastically easy touches. THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS is located at 26 Second Avenue. You can get free room and/or meals here if you are over 21 but it's worse than jail or Bellevue. If you get stoned enough and miss getting off you can also wiggle a free boat ride although you get sent back as soon as you hit the other side — but it's a free ocean cruise, even if it's in the brig. FREE CLOTHES - Try ESSO, 341 East 10th Street or Tompkins Square Community Center on Avenue B and 9th Street. The night before residents put out all kinds of stuff on the street. FREE SUBWAY RIDES — Get a dark green card and flash it quickly as you go through the exit gate.

Every morning at AM a delicious cereal breakfast is servedfree along with chanting and dancing. Then it's all day Sunday in Central Park Sheepmeadow (generally) for still more chanting (sans food). You can get free food in varying quantities by going to the factories. However, the plants are generally located outside of Manhattan. Also the streets are excellent places to pick up good clothes (see section on free furniture for best times to go hunting) FREE LAWYERS — Legal Aid Society, 100 Centre Street. For the best selection try the West Village on Monday nights and the east Seventies on Tuesday nights. Always test the swing bars in the turnstile before you put in the token.

He removed his jacket and stood with it folded over his arm.

Meanwhile, a policeman sent the presiding judge a note suggesting that Cohen be held in contempt of court. In fact, other portions of the same statute do make some such distinctions. by loud or unusual noise" and using "vulgar, profane, or indecent language within the presence or hearing of women or children, in a loud and boisterous manner." This second-quoted provision in particular serves to put the actor on much fairer notice as to what is prohibited. Justice Murphy, a known champion of First Amendment freedoms, wrote for a unanimous bench.

[p19] Appellant's conviction, then, rests squarely upon his exercise of the "freedom of speech" protected from arbitrary governmental interference by the Constitution, and can be justified, if at all, only as a valid regulation of the manner in which he exercised that freedom, not as a permissible prohibition on the substantive message it conveys. There is, as noted above, no showing that anyone who saw Cohen was, in fact, violently aroused, or that appellant intended such a result. While this Court has recognized that government may properly act in many situations to prohibit intrusion into the privacy of the home of unwelcome views and ideas which cannot be totally banned from the public dialogue, at 738.

So if you know how to trip a meat truck, by all means . Lines like "Betty doesn't look pregnant" are frowned upon. Take a half empty glass of booze from an empty table and use it as a prop. Max features fried chicken wings, Swedish meatballs and ravioli. THE CATHOLIC WORKER — 181 Chrystie Street, will feed you any time but you have to prayas you do in the various Salvation Army stations. The heaviest wino scene isthe Men's Temporary Shelter on 8 East 3rd Street. They are currently looking for a free truck to help them collect the food and free souls dedicated to extending the free food concept. Champagne, caviar, lobster salad, all as free as the open sea. The main office number is Dl 4-8700 if you do not live in lower Manhattan. Once a week in every district the sanitation department makes bulk pick-ups. FREE BUS RIDES — Get on with a large denomination bill just as the bus is leaving.

A&P stores clean their vegetable bins every day at A. They always throw out cartons of very good vegetables. Also recommended is picking up food in a supermarket and eating it before you leave the store.

However, because the opinion below appears to erect a virtually irrebuttable presumption that use of this word will produce such results, the statute, as thus construed, appears to impose, in effect, a flat ban on the public utterance of this word. The California Court of Appeal appears so to have described it, 1 Cal. The Supreme Court of California declined review by a four-to-three vote on December 17. Chief Justice Traynor, who was among the dissenters to his court's refusal to take Cohen's case, wrote the majority opinion.

With the case in this posture, it does not seem inappropriate to inquire whether any other rationale might properly support this result. He held that § 415 "is not unconstitutionally vague and overbroad," and further said: [T]hat part of Penal Code section 415 in question here makes punishable only willful and malicious conduct that is violent and endangers public safety and order or that creates a clear and present danger that others will engage in violence of that nature.

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