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Both a personal and creative enterprise, Cook Republic shares and celebrates real food, recipes to nourish your soul, cookbook reviews, photography and food styling. Dash & Bella: Cooking With Two Kids – 15 years after Phyllis gave up working in pastry at some of NCYs hottest spots – after tiring quickly of sugar — she began “Dash and Bella,” for her son & daughter.

With a focus on cooking with and for children, her blog includes photos, step-by-step instructions, food preparation tips, and her own recipes for cooking delicious, seasonal, and healthful meals.

Her two cookbooks (one of which was nominated for a James Beard Award): Super Natural Cooking and Super Natural Everyday are sure to get you inspired and hungry. Adventures in Cooking – Eva’s Adventures in Cooking is a beautiful cooking & food site featuring fun, innovative, and wonderful recipes to showcase her food-photography business.

While she longs for a country life, she made her way to Los Angeles to pursue photography and film.

And I ask you – how can you not be curious about Mac Cheese Stuffed Brown Sugar Balsamic Portabellos? Roost – A beautiful site that chronicles how Caitlin and her husband embarked on a radical journey three years ago, to eliminate all sugar and processed foods from their diet to further heal her husband’s Crohn’s disease; he is now medicine free and thriving. He calls himself a glutton who began blogging out of boredom – but one look at the photography and the Greek flavors and you’ll be hooked. Steamy Kitchen – Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen is mom to two little boys, a recognized chef, food columnist and award-winning food blogger. In late 2008, she was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease and tested positive for several allergies, such that her neurologist suggested looking at the relationship between gluten, sodium, cholesterol and Meniere’s. An absolutely dreamy and luscious feat of gluten free goodness and professional food photography.

Here at Roost you’ll be encouraged to eat clean, seasonal foods that not only taste good but are healing to the body. Manger – Having lived in Hong-Kong, Singapore, London, Reykjavik and Paris, the husband and wife team behind Manger, (french for eat) – settled into their dream come true home in the most beautiful part of the Médoc, France, where they live with their small children and 14 dogs! She is one of the chef stars on this season’s Recipe Rehab on ABC and today considered one of the most influential food people in social media. Join her on Pinterest or perhaps sign up for one of her food lifestyle photo workshops! Verses from My Kitchen – Michael spent ten years in the restaurant industry, and feels fortunate to have been surrounded by great food all his life, from his childhood dinners to a restaurant’s long hours.

If you haven’t discovered Matt Bites before now – prepared to be delighted.

We know you’re going to love recipes, writings, and photos!

6: Cook Republic – Cook Republic is a gorgeous culinary playground built by Sneh from Sydney, Australia.

Matt has been involved with food culture for around 20 years and sees no reason to stop now – he’s all about real food, real flavor – keep the fake stuff – he says.

In 2009 he began teaching food photography and food styling at conferences, schools and colleges. Michael Ruhlman – Michael Ruhlman is a well know author and chef, from Cleveland, Ohio.

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