Gendering the self in online dating discourse communities dinozzo and ziva dating

In methodological terms, there is no single approach that could be said to 'hold the field'.

Discursive, poststructural, ethnomethodological, ethnographic, phenomenological, positivist and experimental approaches can all be seen in action during the study of language and gender, producing and reproducing what Susan Speer has described as 'different, and often competing, theoretical and political assumptions about the way discourse, ideology and gender identity should be conceived and understood'.

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However, the male workers in this call center do not orient to the covertly gendered meanings when they are tasked to perform this emotional labor.

Scholars such as Dale Spender subscribe to this view.

Difference is an approach of equality, differentiating men and women as belonging to different 'sub-cultures' as they have been socialised to do so since childhood.

The study of language and gender has developed greatly since the 1970s.

Prominent scholars include Deborah Tannen, Penelope Eckert, Janet Holmes, Mary Bucholtz, Kira Hall, Deborah Cameron, and others.

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