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In 2017 she released her own clothing line called Maddie Style.She has a younger sister named Mackenzie and two half brothers, Ryan and Tyler.The mothers stage a protest against Abby in the hopes of Kelly's return.Abby quickly assembles a new team by hosting an open-call audition and finds three more girls, Kaeli, Bella, and Sophia, to compete under the ALDC name.At competition, Abby schedules solos for Ally and Sophia, and when a disheartened Bella sees Kaeli preparing a solo -- just in case she is called -- Bella's mother goes behind Abby's back to squeeze one in for her as well.Meanwhile, the original ALDC team performs at a local mall.Additionally, the mothers are hesitant to accept Sophia's mother, Jackie.Note: Melissa begins to feel that Abby's focus on Sophia is taking her attention away from Maddie, and avoids admitting that she is bothered by this.

Dancer who gained national attention as a top performer on the Lifetime reality series Dance Moms.

However, Lifetime's episode guide does not list The Smoke Before the Fire.

The third season continues after the team win at nationals.

To make matters worse, Maddie is relegated to dancing a duet with Kendall, although Melissa continues to deny her feelings about it.

Meanwhile, Sophia is back in California working, and Mackenzie rehearses as her swing in case she does not show up, although Abby still expects her.

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