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This is the more noteworthy because of the Italian origin of so many of the great English dramatist's finest creations; of some of the principal plays there are, of course, several additional renderings.

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Can the century now passing show four hundred anc' English Shakespeare ? £ qui spero che nessuno vorrik colparmi di audacia, o di temeritil ; imperocch^ non pretendo imporre altrui le mie correzioni ; solamente chieggo licenza di leggere il sacro poema come io lo credo caduto dalla penna del suo autore. Russia may boast of two versions of the Divine Comedy, while Hungary and Portugal, with its linguistic daughter, Brazil, have each just as many; and there is a single interpretation in Bohemian, in the dialect of Naples, in Polish, in Roumanian, and in Swedish. Not all of these last-named tongues have versions of Homer and Shakespeare. A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. As I have hinted, I gradually picked up, by the way, fact after fact about the strange realm into which I had plunged. Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. Possibly the earliest novel impression was a partial realization of the surprising extent of this great literary domain. Moore's observation, anent the Divine Comedy, that " No work probably in the world, except the Bible, has given rise to so large a literature," was an early forewarning of the days of activity which lay before me. In one of the most admirable productions of American scholarship, Lowell, by two or three allusions, seems to throw gleams of light on the why and wherefore of so many compositions devoted to Dante — as when he asserts that "Almost all the other poets have their seasons, but Dante penetrates to the moral core of those who once fairly come within his sphere, and possesses them wholly.

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